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Kid Made Modern Crayon Library
Between The Moon And Sun Diorama DIY

Between the Moon and Sun Diorama DIY

We love finding ways of creating a world and characters to play with together. This DIY diorama is a fun way to get creative by building an environment for your favorite creatures to play and explore together. We made our very own Slumberkins Dragon using their home between the moon and sun!

Rainbow Bead Necklace DIY

I love creating rainbow crafts with my kids. They get so excited about bright colors! When we first looked through the Bright Beads Jewelry Kit, she went straight for the rainbow beads and was so excited to create with it! 
Rainbow Bead Necklace DIY
Back To School Photo Frame Craft

Back to School Photo Frame Craft

This photo frame is a fun DIY that you and your child can create together using the Arts and Crafts Library. Add a photo from the first day of school and you can keep it for years to come to remember this special time!

DIY American Flag Collage

This collage is a wonderful way to celebrate the 4th of July! Use the items in your Rainbow Craft Kit to practice color matching and sorting as you create your own flag.
Kid Made Modern American Flag Collage
DIY Spring Planter craft tutorial

DIY Spring Planter craft tutorial

We’ll be recycling cardboard and sheets of chipboard to create a colorful planter full of all our favorite plants and flowers, throw in a few insects and a bluebird; now it feels like Spring! 

DIY Flower Vase

Join us to create a flower vase out of a recycled can! It’s the perfect DIY gift for a neighbor, teacher, or friend. Now all you need is to pick flowers.

Diy Flower Vase
Diy Scrap Paper Weaving

DIY Scrap Paper Weaving

Turn ordinary paper into a masterpiece with DIY Scrap Paper Weaving

DIY Maracas

These DIY Maracas Are an Easy Craft That’s Fun to Play With!  

Diy Maracas
Diy Air Dry Clay Rainbows

DIY Air Dry Clay Rainbows

Spread some colorful love with our DIY Air Dry Clay Rainbows! 

Printable Happy Birthday Poster DIY

Get crafty and create a custom birthday sign for your next Birthday Party Parade
Printable Happy Birthday Poster DIY