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Kid Made Modern Crayon Library

Kid Made Modern » washable paint set (set of 12)

Upcycled Cardboard Roll Cuff

Upcycled Cardboard Roll Cuff

Learn how to upcycle cardboard rolls into wearable art! 

Mini Macrame and Plants with Tessa from Shop Studio Jane

Craft a Mini Macrame Plant Hanger
Mini Macrame And Plants With Tessa From Shop Studio Jane
Rainbow Robots

Rainbow Robots

Create colorful robot friends with our Wooden Robot Kit! 

DIY Wind Chime

Craft a Wind Chime out of an Empty Toilet Paper Roll
Diy Wind Chime
Diy Cardboard Rocket Ships

DIY Cardboard Rocket Ships

Make these easy Rocket Ships from cardboard and your Kid Made Modern Arts & Crafts Supply Library!

DIY Air Dry Clay Rainbows

Spread some colorful love with our DIY Air Dry Clay Rainbows! 
Diy Air Dry Clay Rainbows
Recycled Container Turned Planter

Recycled Container Turned Planter

Turn a Container into a Planter

Cardboard Fruit and Veggies

 Create your own cardboard fruits and veggies! 
Cardboard Fruit And Veggies
Learn How Your Lungs Work

Learn How Your Lungs Work

Explore how your lungs work with this STEAM-approved DIY! 

DIY Fairy House

Create your own recycled DIY Fairy House with our Enchanted Craft Kit!

Diy Fairy House